Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Take 2!

Alright so the second time around didn't come as a surprise this time. Before this I had a little bit of direction as to what I would try to do while teaching. A few things I had to keep in mind was the amount of time spent doing activities as opposed to talking and instructing.

This was much better the second time around. The way I went about instructing and managing my time flowed better then the first time I taught. While I was teaching, I had all the students actively participating for 54% of the time. That is at the right level of time you want to spend having the kids moving so your not talking too much and boring them. At the beginning I had them quickly come in and listen to a quick intro then had them go and start setting with a aprtner. This was allowing me to evaluate each student to see where I can start giving instruction when I bring them in again. Everyone seemed to have the concept and be fairly competent at setting so I could start at a more advanced level then having to teach the very basics. A quick check for understanding was done to see how well they knew the cues and what they were supposed to be doing. Overall I think this was a much more affective lesson based on how much time the students were able to practice the skill. I also walked around giving feedback to let them know how they were doing and giving helpful hints if they could use a tune up on something. It's getting easier and more of a habit to teach in a more effective fashion. Until next time.... Go Yanks

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  1. Dan, Great job getting all the forms onto your blogger. You seemed much more comfortable the second time around. keep up the great work...remember PE voice!