Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Take 2!

Alright so the second time around didn't come as a surprise this time. Before this I had a little bit of direction as to what I would try to do while teaching. A few things I had to keep in mind was the amount of time spent doing activities as opposed to talking and instructing.

This was much better the second time around. The way I went about instructing and managing my time flowed better then the first time I taught. While I was teaching, I had all the students actively participating for 54% of the time. That is at the right level of time you want to spend having the kids moving so your not talking too much and boring them. At the beginning I had them quickly come in and listen to a quick intro then had them go and start setting with a aprtner. This was allowing me to evaluate each student to see where I can start giving instruction when I bring them in again. Everyone seemed to have the concept and be fairly competent at setting so I could start at a more advanced level then having to teach the very basics. A quick check for understanding was done to see how well they knew the cues and what they were supposed to be doing. Overall I think this was a much more affective lesson based on how much time the students were able to practice the skill. I also walked around giving feedback to let them know how they were doing and giving helpful hints if they could use a tune up on something. It's getting easier and more of a habit to teach in a more effective fashion. Until next time.... Go Yanks

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Beginning!!

Well here goes nothin. It's the first post so lets make it a good one! This past week has been one giant learning experience. There has already been so many things we've gone over and learned in each class. Going to the first class and having ourselves recorded was a surprise. It was a great idea since it made us think off the top of our head and put together a short lesson on the spot.

So I got the video going and I think it was pretty good for a spur of the moment teaching experience In the beginning I was standing there giving instruction a lot to everyone on techniques. I didn't start with a game like I probably should have but it was the first day so its ok. I did go over hand position, where your legs should be and what you should do to get a good set. After I was done talking to everyone, when we divided into pairs, I had each person getting some practice with what I just went over. I probably should have been walking around giving some feedback but I was setting with someone. After when I brought everyone in I went over the techniques checking that everyone remembered. And that pretty much rapped up my mini lesson.

So that was what i thought about some stuff I did when I was teaching. I'll be back soon! Go yankees!