Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Can he impress again?!

Lab B was a big day to show what I got. I had to watch everyone else teaching their lessons and do great and now it was my turn. Our task on this was to get a specific skill or drill and be able to get the whole class involved in learning something new. The drill I was assigned to was the circle drill. This involved having a circle of 5 or more people with 2 more people on the inside. The outside players were the offensive team and the 2 inside were the defender's. The offensive players had to stay in place but pass the frisbee to someone else without the defenders intercepting or batting the frisbee down. One modification to the drill was not allowing an overhead or hammer throw because that would allow students to too easily get the frisbee from one side of the circle to the other, not giving the defenders a fair chance. I really wanted everyone on offense to be focusing on their forehand and backhand throws while the defenders really had to work on forcing a pass to a certain side, anticipating which side that would be, and working together to get that job done.

Check out my whole lesson and what I said!

I think that I did a very good job running the class outside. Each time I've taught it's become more routine, and seems to get easier. On this particular day, I got to be teaching while just getting sick and losing my voice after a weekend full of yelling at baseball games. In the beginning of the class I let everyone know to listen extra close since I could not raise my voice too loud to get their attention.

The beginning of my lesson was a little long but I needed a bit of time to explain this drill to everyone. I introduced myself but didnt have the best hook. I definately could have had something interesting to say so they would be more drawn into the lesson but I'll learn from my mistakes and get a good one next time. The demonstration went really well. The drill was easy enough so that I didn't have to explain so many details to everyone and get them confused before we even started doing anything. I quickly had everyone get into 2 more groups and spread out so everyone had lots of room. One group only had 6 people in it and was forced to be in a box which I modified to be very spread out so they could pass to the person next to them since they would not have been able to pass to everyone if they couldn't pass to the person next to them. Everyone grasped the concept of the drill easily and looked to be having a lot of fun while going out. I tried my best to get around to a majority of the class and give them a little feedback. With a lot of people I did the good ol' "Nice job" or "Good throw" while not really giving the feedback on the skills I was trying to have everyone focus on but I did get around to a bunch of people and reinforce the lesson focus. After a while I made sure everyone was changing defenders so they could all get work on how to defend someone. One modification I made to a group was to add another defender so it was harder for the offense to get the frisbee across which made the drill more intense and fun for everyone.

Overall I think this lesson went really well. Aside from all the good things I felt I did, there was definately a lot of room for improvement. For starters I could cut down the time I spent talking to everyone and have them playing more. Another thing was the amount of waiting time for the lesson. Even though the drill called for the offensive players to be standing still, I could ahve thought of something to get them all going for a period of time. Yet again, This seemed a lot easier and less stressful to be inf ront of everyone doing a lesson. It's all coming together and I'm really moving forward with my approach to teaching.

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