Monday, December 14, 2009

The Last Hoorah

So the semester is coming to an end and that means the last lesson I'm ever going to teach in 255 is over and done with. Lab D was one of the funner labs we got to do. Everyone had to teach some sort of activity that is not an everyday PE class sport. Bowling, swimming, DDR, stomping, and all the others were lots of fun. My objective was to teach a lesson using physio balls. Physio balls are great tools for a lesson because there are so many different things you can do with them. They can be used for fitness workouts doing crunches, push ups and almost any modification to a workout or they can be used in the most creative ways.
The weekend before I was scheduled to teach I attended the NYSAHPERD conference at the Turningstone Casino. I had a really great time attending all of the different sessions and learning different warm ups, games, and various things about the body. I was lucky enough to walk into the first session I attended and found this fun activity. A few teachers had come up with a fun game that they can tie into a fitness or dance unit. I did my best to take what I had learned from them and make up my own lesson to it.

That is the only video of my lesson I could find on youtube but if I hapen to come across the rest of my lesson I will put it right up here. SO being that I can not do much with this video I'll go through what went on. The goal of this lesson was to have fun and get everyones heartrate into the optimal zone. Looking back this was not a great objective for a lesson especially since the goal is to have objectives that pertain to something other then having fun or getting the heart rate up which should be incorporated into every lesson. I began the class with a small game of squad tag. I divided the class into 4 teams and would have one team go at a time. The goal was to tag everyone else in the class faster then all of the other groups. I made the boundaries the 3-point line and the baseline. Each team would go once but could go twice if I wanted to work on strategizing.

After this I brought the class in to give a breif explination of what we were about to do. One thing i stressed was safety. Being that we would be working with drum sticks of some sort I did not want anyone swinging them around, having sword fights, or putting them near anyone else period. I then had everyone grab a pair of sticks and get on a ball with a partner. We then went through the different "moves" that could be used during the song. There was a list of maybe 8 different moves we could do. I had them listed on my poster board just in case anyone forgot what each one incorporated. After about 5 minutes of going through the moves and practicing them, we got a song going and started to dance.

I think that this lesson went fairly well for what I was trying to accomplish. Everyone seemed to be having fun with what we were doing. There was also a lot of thigns I did not do. To start off with, one of the main problems I had was giving feedback. There was no way I would be able to stand in the front of the room and walk around giving feedback to people. I definately should have given a little routine to keep doing so I could walk around giving feedback to each person. Another problem I had was not using intratask variations. Everyone was doing the same movements and there was no change for people who had better rhythm or someone who could not keep up. Giving the class an assignment to make their own routine could have been a good variation for the class.

Overall I could have made this lesson 100 times better then it actually was. I did not do a great job at anything besides the fact that this activity was pretty fun and everyone enjoyed it. Next time I use this(because I definately will) I will have it worked out a lot better so the class can get the most out of my lesson.

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